Política de Privacidade

Before becoming a Miniplay.com, property of Moosite, S.L., user, you must read the following Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy (hereafter referred to as "Privacy Policy") and assent to it.

The following Privacy Policy affects both the personal details provided by the User at the registration time and the data provided to any of the services available on Miniplay.com.

The details provided to Miniplay.com are included in our files recorded before the Spanish Data Protection Agency (hereafter referred to as "AEPD".) The AEPD is in charge of safeguarding the enforcement of the Spanish laws on privacy and data protection and guaranteeing the privacy and security of your personal information.

At Miniplay.com, the following information is gathered when a user registers and utilizes our services: real name, surname(s), e-mail address, gender, date of birth, IP address and some other non-personal data, such as local flash information and statistical information (such as browser, operating system, URL that directed the user to our Website, time and date.)

We use your data so that you can use our services. It allows the User to log in after their registration, for example. You need to be identified as a user by the Service in order to access other services and mobile apps made available to you; to perform and pay for paid services; for us to improve our offers, tailoring them according to your preferences; for us to provide you with information about changes and upgrades related to Miniplay.com, as well as e-mail advertising information about our own and/or third-party products and services that might be of interest to you.

You can correct any mistake in your details and delete your profile(if you wish to stop being a Miniplay.com user) from the profile settings. You can also stop receiving electronic promotional and commercial notices by contacting us through your profile settings.

In order to complete any of the aforementioned actions, a copy of your official ID card (such as valid passport) is required so that we can verify the identity of the person who contacts us.

Your data shall be confidential, and shall not be transferred to third parties unless you have stated your express agreement thereon. Nonetheless, we might be compelled by law to transfer your data without prior consent to certain authorities. Should this occur, the transfer will be executed pursuant to what is set forth in the law.

Paid Services

In order to successfully complete certain actions, particularly payment processes, the User can utilize third-party services unrelated to Moosite, S.L., such as PayPal, Toditocash, Paymentwall, DineroMail, etc. These third-party companies are compelled by the law to manage users' data in a safe and confidential way. The operations related to your credit card and/or any other personal details regarding the payment will be processed directly through these third-party companies, so Moosite, S.L. will have no access to your credit card and/or payment details. Before proceeding with the payment, you are recommended to read the corresponding third-party service provider conditions and, if you do not agree to any of them, cancel the payment.

Therefore, the information gathered for Minicoin purchases shall be entered and sent directly from the User to the payment gateway owner. Moosite, S.L. shall not have access to information about the commercial transaction. Moosite, S.L. shall only be aware of the amount of money that has been paid in order to exchange it for the corresponding amount of Minicoins.

The payment services made available to the User are provided solely by their corresponding owners. Moosite, S.L. does not participate in such operations, and therefore the User is advised to carefully read the agreement conditions stated by the provider of the payment service of the User's choice. Moosite, S.L. is a third party unaffiliated with said agreement.

Minors' Personal Data Processing

The current Spanish legislation makes a difference between minors over 14 years of age and minors under 14 years of age.

If you are 14 years of age or older, you might authorize and/or give consent for your personal data to be used as herein stated. Nonetheless, should you have any doubts, you are recommended to consult your parents and listen to their advice. In any case, under no circumstances will payments be authorized by a minor user, as stated in the Terms and Conditions.

It is important that you bear in mind that minors under 14 years of age are NOT ALLOWED to access the Service unless they provide proper parent and/or legal guardian authorization. By assenting to this Privacy Policy, you guarantee that you are over 14 years of age or that you can provide said parent and/or legal guardian authorization in order to register an account on Miniplay.com, property of Moosite, S.L., and that you take responsibility for said statements.

According to the clauses stated on the Terms and Conditions, visitors under 14 years of age can only register if a corresponding signed parent and/or legal guardian authorization is provided to Moosite, S.L.. Further documentation is required in order to verify the authenticity and validity of said authorization. The following documents will be necessary for this purpose: ID card (and/or passport, if available) of the minor, valid passport and/or ID card of the parent and/or legal guardian, and Family Register Book (if available.)

Moosite, S.L. is entitled to contact you at any given time asking to confirm your real age by receiving a copy of your ID card or a similar document. If you fail to provide said information within the established period, Moosite, S.L. reserves the right in its sole discretion to block access to or delete your user account.

The ID card information and/or other personal details will be used solely by Moosite, S.L. authorized personnel in order to identify and verify the provided data. Under no circumstances will said information and/or details be stored or used for different purposes.

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