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All users must read and assent to both the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy herein incorporated. Using or visiting Miniplay.com ("the Website") and/or its services implies the acknowledgement and full acceptance of the legally binding warnings and conditions herein stated. Said warnings and conditions can be modified due to improvements thereof, the prevision of aspects and services not offered hitherto and/or the adaptation to new legal rules and regulations amongst other reasons. You ("the User") shall be responsible for familiarizing with such modifications without previous notice, and they shall be effective at the time they are posted. Should you not agree to any of the new published conditions, please stop using the Service.

The following Terms and Conditions supersede any General Conditions and/or Terms and Conditions stated and applied in any previous agreement. If you do not assent to any of the following Terms and Conditions, then please stop using the contents and services of the Website.

Please print this document for future reference.

The Company (owner of the Service) details are as follows:

Website owner
Moosite, S.L. ("the Company")
E-mail address
[email protected]
Business Register details
Inscribed at the Business Register of Madrid, Volume 18478, Sheet 94, Section 8, Page M-320946, Entry B-83555524.
VAT number
Glorieta de Quevedo, 5 · 28015 Madrid (SPAIN)

By accessing the Website and/or using the information and contents therein or therefrom accessible, the User expressly relieves the web owner, Moonlite, S.L., from any liability arising from the use of the Website by the first party (the User). Said access and/or use implies the full acceptance of the Terms and Conditions herein stated, and constitutes a legally binding agreement between the User and the Website.

Service Access

In order to access any of the services offered by the Website, the User has to be 14 years of age or older. If you are under that age, your access to the Website is forbidden unless you follow the procedures stated in the next paragraph. Using the basic version of the games is free. However, in order to access certain features, the User shall need to register on Miniplay.com, read the notifications carefully and assent to the Privacy Policy regarding personal data processing.

The Website owner, Moosite, S.L., allows the registration of users under 14 years of age as long as a proper authorization is provided to Moosite, S.L.. Said authorization must be signed by the parent and/or legal guardian of the minor who wants to access the Service. Further documentation is requested to verify the authenticity of the information provided, such as copy of the ID card of the parent and/or legal guardian and/or copy of their valid passport; copy of the Family Record Book or copy of a similar document; copy of the minor's ID card if available.

By visiting, using and/or registering at the Service, the User signifies their acknowledgement of and assent to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, and the User's commitment to the applicable conditions hitherto described.

Moosite, S.L. might contact you at any given time asking to verify your real age by requesting a copy of your ID card or similar document. If you fail to provide said information within the established period, Moosite, S.L. reserves the right in its sole discretion to block access to or delete your user account.

The personal information provided by the User and/or stated on their ID card or similar document will be used solely by Moosite, S.L. authorized personnel. Said information will be utilized for the identification and verification purposes previously stated, and under no circumstances will the information be stored and/or utilized for different purposes.

Website and Service Terms of Use

By accessing and/or using the Website, its contents and/or services, the visitor is considered a User. Becoming a User signifies the assent to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy herein stated. Therefore, the User assents to have read, understood and accepted the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions herein stated.

By becoming a User you agree to utilize the Website and/or its contents in a sensible way, according to the law, the current Terms and Conditions and the good manners generally accepted. If you fail to comply with the law and/or follow the current Terms and Conditions, you assent to pay reparations to Moosite, S.L. for any damage caused by the unlawful use of the portal.

If you do not agree to any of the Terms and Conditions herein stated, then please stop using the Service.

Please refrain from:

  • Defaming and/or libeling against the Company and/or third parties involved in the services, thus damaging their reputation and good name.
  • Making inappropriate and/or unlawful use of the domain and/or its contents.
  • Accessing or trying to access restricted resources and/or areas on the Webpage without meeting the requirements necessary for such access.
  • Transmitting viruses through the website and/or any of the physical and logical systems belonging to the Owner, its providers and/or third parties involved in the Website that might be susceptible to damage.
  • Trying to access, harvest, utilize and/or manipulate data from and/or belonging to the Owner, third parties, providers and/or other users.
  • Deleting, concealing and/or manipulating intellectual and/or industrial property information or any other identity information about the rights of Moonsite, S.L., or any other information mechanisms inserted in the Website contents.
  • Harvesting and/or trying to collect contents and/or services following procedures different to those provided for this matter in the webpages where the contents and services are hosted.
  • Publishing and/or transferring personal details through the public information displayed on the Webpage, including, but not limited to, telephone numbers, mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, webpages and full names.
  • Partially or completely reproducing, copying, distributing, selling and/or reselling the Service and/or using the Service provided by Moosite, S.L. for business purposes.
  • Utilizing the Service with the purpose of sending unwanted e-mail messages including, but not limited to, massive advertising and undesired information ("spam").

Games and services are continuously updated, adapted, upgraded and modified. Therefore, the User shall be granted the right to utilize games and/or services in the current version at a given time. Moosite, S.L. reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue games and services.

As a User, you cannot demand games and/or services to be maintained in a certain version or not to be suspended. The User agrees that Moosite, S.L. shall not be liable to the User or to any third party for any suspension or discontinuance of the games and services without prior notice.

If the User breaches any of the clauses herein stated, Moosite, S.L. reserves the right in its sole discretion to block access or discontinue services to said User.

Gems and Minicoins

Some of the games on the Website include "virtual items," mostly avatar accessories. In order to acquire said virtual items, a Gem and Minicoin system is available.

Gems can be obtained through several ways: surfing the Website or completing certain actions — such as adding a game to favorites, linking social media accounts or recommending a game. Other ways can be discovered while surfing Miniplay.com

Gems cannot be purchased with real money.

Minicoins can be purchased through several payment systems offered by Moosite, S.L.. Said systems are explained under Minicoin Purchase.

Gems, Minicoins and virtual items cannot in any way be refunded to the User with real money. Should a problem arise, please contact Moosite, S.L. through an e-mail to [email protected] explaining your problem and request. We will try to find the best solution. Under no circumstances will a money refund be issued.

If the aforementioned virtual coins (Gems and/or Minicoins) were to be discontinued, prior notice will be provided 30 days earlier their effective suspension to registered users. If said users fail to spend their Gems and/or Minicoins before the set deadline, they will lose their Gems and/or Minicoins. Moosite, S.L. will in no case be liable for any loss resulting therefrom.

If the User suspends or deletes their account, or if said account is blocked access due to a breach in the Terms and Conditions herein stated, said user will lose all their Gems, Minicoins and/or virtual objects in their possession.

VIRTUAL COINS CAN BE PURCHASED BY USERS OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE ONLY. In no case will Minicoins be refunded or exchanged for real money. Minicoins are offered as virtual coins that can only be used in the games available on Miniplay.com. Minicoins will under no circumstances be considered real money.

The User must understand that, should a game in which the User owns virtual items be deleted from the Website, said User will lose those virtual items. Moosite, S.L. will in no case be liable for said loss.

Minicoin Purchase

Minicoins can be purchased through the online store. By clicking on the "Minicoins" button, a pop-up displaying several payment options will be opened.

The User must choose a payment system in order to purchase Minicoins. Clicking on a payment option will continue to the form on which payment details are filled in.

If the User chooses PayPal and clicks on the corresponding button, a mini-explorer will be opened. It is a fast and safe payment option to which PayPal account or credit card details can be entered without sharing financial information with Miniplay.com.

Please read the corresponding payment system Terms and Conditions carefully.

Once the payment is completed, Minicoins will be automatically added to the User's account.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

The User assents to acknowledge that the contents on the Website, including without limitation their services, structures, selections, order and appearance; and the graphics, software, text, scripts, images, sounds, music and videos used in relation to said contents, are owned by the Company and/or third parties, and subject to intellectual and industrial property rights. Said contents on the Website are provided to the User for their information and personal use only.

Therefore, unless it is legally allowed and/or prior written consent is issued by the corresponding owners, said contents might not be copied, reproduced, transformed, distributed, transmitted, publicly broadcast, displayed following procedures not provided by Moosite, S.L. and/or otherwise exploited for any other purposes whatsoever.

Particularly, it is strictly forbidden to utilize texts, images, advertisements and any other components included on the aforementioned Website for their integration on other websites unrelated to Moosite, S.L. unless Moosite, S.L. agrees to it through prior written consent.

The User must refrain from deleting any intellectual, industrial and/or any other copyright identity signs appearing on the Website and/or on any services therein offered and referring to the Owner and/or third parties. The User must refrain from evading or manipulating any technical devices established by Moosite, S.L. and/or third parties on the Website, on any of the services, materials, components and/or information therein obtained with the purpose of protecting their rights.

It is strictly forbidden to use any type of resource that exploits any of the contents and/or services offered by Moosite, S.L. without consent, particularly if used for web creation and development analogous to the Website.

External Links and Activities

This Website might contain links to third-party webpages and resources that are completely unrelated to the Website. Therefore, Moosite, S.L. shall not be liable for the contents appearing on third-party webpages and/or resources. Moosite, S.L. does not approve or own any of the products, services, contents, information, details, files and/or any other material existing on third-party webpages and/or resources, which are bound to their corresponding owners.

Should any appropriate legal authority declare information contained in one or more of the aforementioned external webpages and/or resources unlawful, commanding the deletion or blocking thereof, or should said breach occur, Moosite, S.L. will immediately remove said links if it is informed of said breach and/or ruling.

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall Moosite, S.L. be able to guarantee the proper performance of the services at all times, particularly when the problem arisen is unrelated to the Company, such as net malfunctioning; servers, informatics tools and/or operators being down; connection errors; mistakes made by the User; failures of the User's hardware, etc. Pieces of advice and information distributed through our services do not provide further guarantee than herein stated.

The User is solely responsible for keeping their account password secure and for the activity that occurs on their account. When a session on Miniplay.com ends, the User commits to terminate their session by closing their Internet browser window. Any sign of fraud will be reported to law enforcement authorities.

Term and Termination

Moosite, S.L. may interrupt or suspend the Website and/or any of the services offered to the users at any time without prior notice. Moosite, S.L. may also block access to the services to any user who, in Moosite, S.L. sole discretion, makes unethical, offensive, unlawful or wrong use of the contents and services on the Website and/or utilizes them contrary to the interest of the Company.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The provision of the Service and the Terms and Conditions herein stated are governed by the Spanish law, particularly Law no. 34/2002 of July 11 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE) and concordant regulations. To the extent permitted by law, the parties expressly waive their rights to any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled and agree to be subject to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid.

Final Provisions

Should Moosite, S.L. not exercise some of the legal rights and/or conditions herein or in Supplemental Terms described, such action shall not be considered a waiving of said rights and/or conditions. Should a clause in these Terms and Conditions be declared null and void or non-enforceable by the corresponding authorities or an appointed intermediary, such decision will in no way influence the validity and/or enforceability of the remaining clauses herein stated.

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