Could you escape from inside the game?

This Halloween Miniplay presents a completely original adventure. When you and your friends get trapped inside the game, you will have to solve the puzzles and find the exit. Beware! The Secret of the Necromancer is packed with dangerous criatures. Will you be able to find the Necromancer and rescue your friends?

The characters


She loves platform videogames and scary stories. She stands out with her agility and abilities.


Classic videogames lover and maths fan. He has a natural gift to solve puzzles.


He is the best on all the fighting games. He is not scared, his strength helped him solving more than one trouble.

A brand new Miniplay original game

The Secret of the Necromancer is a completely original project developed by the Miniplay Team. Set in the eighties and with the style of the classic adventure games, in this point-and-click game you'll have to find your way to rescue your friends from the Necromancer and to come back to the real world. Interact with mysterious characters, use your inventory items and solve the puzzles to defeat the Necromancer and win these special and exclusive Halloween trophies.

Unlock these achievements

Increase your gems and XP points!

  • 50

    Hey, Murray!

    Meet Murray

  • 100

    Code Red

    Unlock the lighthouse code

  • 150

    You shall not pass!

    Repair the wooden bridge

  • 150

    Let there be light

    Turn on the lighthouse

  • 250

    Aye, captain!

    Reach the pirate cave

  • 250

    Tomb Raider

    Reach the catacombs

  • 300

    All good things come in threes

    Escape at least once with each main character

  • 350

    Escape from Alcatraz

    Escape from the game with your main character

  • 400

    Strange couple

    Escape saving at least one of your friends

  • 500

    Unity makes strength

    Escape saving all your friends


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