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Brave Buccaneers Wanted

Legend has it that only the most experimented pirates could reunite the ten pieces of the treasure map and will be able to find the location of the legendary Black Gem. But it can't be found by anyone. Only the pirates with the appropiate equipment can sail into the ocean of Miniplay and find the precious reward. Will you be the one who find the most wanted jewel of the seven seas?

This event finished on 4 de julho de 2017

Hey Pirate!

This is now closed, you can't participate anymore

The Treasure Map

The map pieces can be found anywhere in the seven seas of Miniplay. The legend says that once the ten pieces are together, the map will reveal the real location of the legendary Black Gem. The one who finds it will get an unimaginable treasure.

This is now closed, you can't participate anymore

Pirates pack

Dressing like a pirate is only the beginning...

New Shield Elements

Don't let them go!

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  • dimeike 34

    como com segue os pedasos do mapa

    Maio 21, 2017
  • felipe1567 21
    2 curtidas

    encontrei todos!!!

    Maio 18, 2017
  • thomking 21

    legal mas nao consigo acha esses mapas

    Maio 11, 2017
  • carolbunny 28
    1 curtida

    Alguem achou algum?

    Maio 8, 2017
  • herikbr3 24
    2 curtidas

    me segue que sigo de volta

    Maio 6, 2017